Looking for Answers When Choosing Care

Everyone agrees that medical statistics are not the only issue. People want to like and trust their doctors. And with a community hospital, patients have the convenience of staying close to home and may be more likely to receive warm, personal care. That was an important consideration for Mary Bruce Buchanan, a 60-year-old retired real estate broker from Flemington, N.J., whose decision about where to go for cancer care went against her own upbringing. Her father, a surgeon, had trained at the University of Pennsylvania and, she said, ”when anything was really wrong, that was where you went.”

But when Ms. Buchanan received a diagnosis of breast cancer a few years ago, she stayed with the local doctor who found her tumor, Dr. Rachel P. Dultz, at University Medical Center, a community hospital in Princeton, N.J. She just had a good, warm feeling about Dr. Dultz, she said, and could not imagine that she would receive better care from anyone else.

”If I went to a Sloan-Kettering, I’m sure there are fabulous people there, but you’ve got to have total confidence in the person who’s going to be taking care of you,” Ms. Buchanan said.

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